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  • Are Silicone Air Fryer Liners Safe? Everything You Need To Know

    In recent years, the air fryer has become a kitchen staple for those who seek a healthier way to enjoy fried foods without the excess oil. It has r...
  • Top 10 Tips To Save Money In The Kitchen

    Don’t you want to save money when it comes to your day-to-day household chores? Unfortunately, not many people realize that small changes and alternatives can help them save money in the kitchen, the heart of their homes.

    Plastic wrap or plastic cling-flim has long been a staple in the kitchen for many households, but it's no secret that these products are made from non-renewable resources. If you're looking for an eco-friendly choice over plastic cling wrap, then beeswax wrap may be your solution.


    In recent years sustainability and eco-friendly products have become more important in our households. To make sure we are living a greener lifestyle, it is important to look at the products we use in our kitchens. One of the most popular sustainable kitchen items is a silicone baking mat. But what makes these mats so great, and are they truly eco-friendly? 
  • Top Benefits of Using Sustainable Kitchen Products

    Our kitchen is the heart of our sweet home. This is because it's a place where people can congregate and create wonderful memories. A sustainable kitchen product is designed to have the least potential negative environmental effects during its entire lifecycle and even after it has completed its intended use.
  • Why Saving the Planet Begins in Your Kitchen

    Living eco-friendly is not an act of the past – it's an ongoing process that starts in your home. If you wish to save the planet, switching to more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen products should be one of your top priorities.
  • Why everyone needs to own an Air Fryer?

    If you are mindful of your health and that of the planet, an air fryer is a wise investment. It is not just another kitchen appliance that helps cook faster or is a boon when guests are around. That's, of course, there! But more importantly, the air fryer helps you keep your calories and fats under check.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Air Fryer Liners

    Whether you've got a new air fryer or already have one in your kitchen, you should invest in a premium air fryer liner
  • Recycling facts: how much of your plastic waste actually gets recycled?

    Did you know around two-thirds of plastic waste is exported to other countries, rather than being recycled in the UK?
  • Shocking facts about plastic pollution that you can’t ignore

    Did you know bottled water contains more plastic than tap water?

  • Parchment paper Vs Silicone baking mat

    Which do you think saves you more money in the long run?
  • Why are beeswax wraps better than cling-film?

    When asked to choose between cling film and beeswax wrap, what are the things you look for to help you make that decision?