Our Mission

Our Mission

Here at WAFE, our aim is simple…To inspire, promote and motivate communities globally, to live environmentally friendly lifestyles. How do we do this you might be asking? We supply unique, creative and stylish plastic alternatives that incorporate an urban twist whilst guaranteeing optimal performance to popular plastic products that are polluting our oceans, killing our marine life but also take hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose! It is our belief that one person can make a difference, only with the help of others.

We understand that change can’t happen overnight. Legitimate and everlasting change is only possible through continuously taking small steps towards our desired outcome of sustainability. To build a wall, we must focus on laying one brick at a time. That’s why at WAFE we are committed to constantly improving our own operations and functions in order to lower our own carbon footprint and we want you to join us on this life changing journey!

Our Vision

Our vision is that of a world whereby every person lives within their environmental limits. This way we can work towards even more sustainable communities for future generations to come.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure all of our products use materials developed through scientific research and technology that have the same qualities and durability of plastics at affordable prices, without causing harm to us or our environment. We believe this will play a major role suppressing the need for plastic production and encourage people to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle.