Four Elements Symbolism

 The ancients believed everything in nature is composed of 4 essential elements – WaterAirFire and Earth

These elements were considered the critical energy forces that sustained life and created to bring balance. We can currently say that our planet is in a state of chaos with regards to climate change and steps are required urgently to achieve the balance it needs.

Putting the first letters of these elements together produces WAFE, which we believe embodies our mission and vision. 

At WAFE, our planet comes first, and through our brand, we hope to bring back the much-needed balance our planet needs - using renewable and sustainable materials to create our everyday household products.  




Water is reported to have cleansing power. It is symbolic of healing, peace and trust. Fresh and clean water stands for good health and life, while polluted water is symbolic of bad living or health.

Water is associated with the Autumn season and the symbolic representation of the Water element is the inverted triangle.




Air associated with the breath of life. Air symbolizes communication, intelligence, imagination, creativity and harmony.

The Spring season is associated with Air, and the symbolic representation of the Air element is an upright triangle with a straight line going through it.




Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created. Fire symbolises incredible energy, power, love, strength, will, courage, and dynamism. Spiritually, Fire stands for Light, and in the physical plane, it is the Sun or Flame.

The summer season is associated with Fire, and the symbolic representation is a triangle pointing upwards.




The Earth symbolises prosperity, wisdom, fertility, stability, creativity and physical abundance

Winter season is associated with Earth and , and the symbolic representation is an inverted triangle with a horizontal line running through it.