5% of our profits go towards KIDS against PLASTIC

WAFE Story



So, you’re probably wondering how this all began? This is our story…

WAFE (formerly known as Biovita) was founded by the 2 of us in 2018. By ‘US’ I’m referring to myself - Harvey and my good friend Tobi. We are two very close friends that happened to meet each other over 10 years ago whilst studying at The University of Loughborough. Although in many ways we are polar opposites, we are also very similar in a lot of ways such as our competitive natures, our will and determination but mostly the desire to leave a legacy for creating positive change in the world, which will continue long after we are gone.

We made a decision to go into partnership, but the real question we asked ourselves was how we can better serve our planet, people and all other living organisms that call Earth it's home. After months of research, trying to pinpoint how we could make an impact by keeping up with current affairs, we started to see a growing concern around plastic pollution and the detrimental effects it was having on our planet.

One of the first things we found was the time it takes for plastics to decompose. The realisation that it takes hundreds if not thousands of years for plastic bottles, utensils, bags and other forms of packaging to decompose was frightening. The worst part is you start noticing how much single use plastic is used in our day to day, workplaces, streets, supermarkets that we have become so reliant on single use plastic, we are literally drowning in plastic…its everywhere!

The impact it has on our oceans, in particular the marine life, became very concerning. Images of deceased Whales being washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic debris, smaller fish confusing plastic bags for jelly fish and ingesting them but even fresh fish being served at restaurants containing plastic which we humans are ingesting! If that wasn’t enough, we came across a frightening statistic that suggested by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! Considering 70% of the earth’s surface is made up of ocean, that’s an astonishing amount of plastic that’s not going anywhere! It felt like we were getting closer to finding our true calling.

With all this information and knowledge we had gained through our research and observation. The only conclusion we could draw was that we have all become so accustomed to plastic that it had now become second nature. The cost-effective nature of the material combined with its practical uses, durability and our addiction to consumer goods... that’s when it hit us!

Almost without realising, we knew how we could make a difference.

Food is at the heart of life, and no one can live each day without food. It fuels the bodies, minds and souls of friends and families worldwide. Most of the plastic produced, especially single-use, is used for food in one way or another - for cooking, baking, serving, packaging or storage.

The KITCHEN represents a place where we create all of our favourite meals. The kitchen is the most important room in the home because food is at the heart of life, and we cannot survive without food.

So we decided to create and develop the future of kitchen products using sustainable materials - which are reusable, creating less waste for a cleaner environment and called the brand WAFE (An Anagram of the 4 natural elements).

Ever since that day, our blood sweat and tears have all been directed into creating WAFE and we will continue to fight for the change we seek but most importantly the change the place we call home requires!

We are a team of multi-cultural individuals willing to do whatever it takes to change this world for the better through commitment and consistency. Without commitment, you will never get started and without consistency, you will never finish!