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Everything You Need to Know About Reusable Air Fryer Liners

Like most people, if you also hate cleaning your air fryer after cooking, then air fryer liners are what you need. This air fryer accessory is mainly designed to protect the air fryer basket from crumbs & greasy build-ups. Liners are a fantastic way to do cleaning after cooking easier.


Here are some of the benefits of air fryer liners that make for great reasons to invest in them.

  1. EVEN COOKING: Some of the best air fryer liners feature small pre-cut holes to promote air circulation inside the air fryer basket. Additionally, since the food is not in direct contact with the air fryer's base metal plate, the outside edges are not exposed to burning like they might if cooking is done without a liner. Consider it the same thing as a baking sheet, tin foil, and wax paper usually used in an oven.


  1. EASY CLEANUP: Even though air fryers reduce the amount of oil in the food compared to deep frying, they still need you to use a spoon or two over the food for a crispy texture. Additionally, the foods cooked in the airfryer leave crumbs, grease, and juices when cooking. This often makes the walls of your air fryer basket messy, which demands heavy cleaning. However, if you use a reusable air fryer liner, you can make your life easier after cooking. You have to remove the liner from the basket and handwash it or pop it in a dishwasher.


  1. NO FOOD STICKING: The best air fryers on the market come with a non-stick base, but some foods, like meat, stick to their metal surface irrespective of the precautions taken. That is why you should use liners for air fryers. The sleek surface of liners ensures no food sticking and easy removal of foodstuff from liner to plate.


There are mainly two types of liners for air fryers available on the market- disposable and reusable air fryer liners.

  • DISPOSABLE LINERS: The air fryer disposable liners let you lift out the food mess and throw it in the trash bin. No cleanup is needed! These perforated parchment paper liners are wax free and highly convenient for zero-mess cooking! Although these liners are lined with plastic making them unrecyclable.

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  • REUSABLE LINERS: On the other side, the reusable air fryer liners will ensure you always have a liner handy. A silicone air fryer liner is easy to wash than the inside of your air fryer basket.
wafe brands

Why Reusable Liners Are Better Than Disposable Air Fryer Liners?

Although it's a personal choice whether to use silicone liners or disposable air fryer parchment paper liners, the former is considered the better option for many reasons. The silicone air fryer liners offer extra benefits than parchment liners.

Here is why you should choose a silicone liner for air fryer than disposable air fryer basket liners.

  1. Silicone liners work well with various foods, including breaded chicken, brussels sprouts, roasted chicken, and more.
  1. Air fryer silicone fryers with holes facilitate better air circulation, a plus point to keep batters and marinades in place.
  1. They are cost-effective and a good kitchen investment. They are durable and can be used multiple times.
  1. They are made non-stick, non-toxic, and heatproof, so you can expect no food sticking & burning and no food contamination.
  1. Unlike air fryer paper liner, the silicone ones are safe to use on the dishwasher's top rack, so cleanup is a cinch! However, it's good to always go through the instruction manual before washing it in a dishwasher.

wafe brands


Reasons for not choosing air fryer parchment paper liners: They are meant for just single use, thus making a costly option. They don't work well with many food items and may burn if the temperature exceeds the limit. Additionally, they create more waste owing to their disposable nature.

Now, if you have read this piece of content till this point, you deserve a recommendation for the best air fryer that is reusable and convenient to use.

WAFE Silicone Air Fryer Liner: A Kitchen Game Changer

Are you tired of all the scrubbing and constant washing up? Try WAFE Silicone Air Fryer Liner; it's a 5-star rated reusable liner for the air fryer and trusted by thousands of users for its quality. The brand has designed it keeping in mind the ease of cleaning after cooking. The unique patented design of this air fryer liner silicone offers everything that an air fryer user seeks in a liner. From safety and convenience to a green footprint, it offers you all!

Not just it; you need to know more about the specifications of WAFE silicone liners.


WAFE reusable silicone liner for air fryer allows for quick and even cooking. Thanks to its unique base pattern and slotted holes, that improve heat distribution and spreads it evenly. It also features a drain channel that prevents oil from soaking up in food, giving you finger-licking extra crispy food every time!


Unlike disposable air fryer liners, the WAFE silicone liners are carefully designed to ensure user safety. They come with sturdy handles for easy lifting. There is no risk of skin burning while removing the liner from the air fryer basket.


The silicone air fryer basket liners are an excellent kitchen accessory designed to fit most air fryers of 3-5 Liters capacity, such as Tefal, Cosori, Tower, and Ninja air fryers. Additionally, they can be used in ovens, steamers, microwaves, instant pots, etc. With a 6.7-inch diameter and flexible body, they can be easily put inside and taken outside from your air fryer.


WAFE always prioritizes its consumers' safety; therefore, they use food-grade silicone to design its reusable air fryer liners. Not just is it non-toxic & non-stick, but also durable and tolerant to temperatures up to 250° C. You can now cook without any tension of food burning. Additionally, these liners are great for the environment and save the planet in style.


The WAFE silicone liners are entirely dishwasher safe so you can clean them quickly and effortlessly. It will collect all the oil and food residues, so there will be hardly anything left to scrub by hands.

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wafe brands

WAFE is genuinely a kitchen game changer; we constantly introduce new and extraordinary kitchen products to make your life in the kitchen easy and enjoyable. And these silicone air fryer liners are one of those products. They come in five lovely colors: red, lime, black, grey, and orange. Choose the one you love the most.

The only thing you need to remember before placing your order for these super-practical, environmentally-friendly, and beautiful kitchen accessories is the size of your air fryer basket.

So, you have learned why air fryer liners deserve a spot in your kitchen. They are indeed valuable for every individual who loves cooking. You can invest in WAFE reusable silicone air fryer liners for your kitchen or gift to any friend or relative. You can now extend the life of your air fryer and save time washing up!


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Can you use the silicon liner to line an oven tray in the oven?


Is the liner for the Ninja 300 & 400 the same size, if so I could have saved money and bought the 300 since using the liner makes the capacity the same as the 300.

Alan Hughes

Is the liner for the Ninja 300 & 400 the same size, if so I could have saved money and bought the 300 since using the liner makes the capacity the same as the 300.


Is the liner for the Ninja 300 & 400 the same size, if so I could have saved money and bought the 300 since using the liner makes the capacity the same as the 300.


Are the silicone baskets the same size for the Ninja Dual 300 & 400.
If so buying the 400 and putting the basket in effectively makes it a 300, so I may as well have saved money and bought the 300.


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